Spring is Coming to Serenbe!


Gorgeous Serenbe day!  Signs of spring are everywhere and people are taking advantage of it.  Are you?  0 Serenbe Spring

Tress are budding and grasses are greening.

serenbe horses

And downtown Serenbe has horses parading.

1 Serenbe Petey

Petey is growing and thriving!  He loves ear scratches and face rubs.  Have you been by to see him yet?  He’s by the Inn.

2 Serenbe lamb

This is his twin, I do believe.  Happy happy!

3 Serenbe Ewe

You did good, Serenbe mama.  Your babies are well and happy.

4 Serenbe donkey

Stonewall is looking forward to spring and succulent grasses.

Serenbe stonewall

I love his scruffy forehead and kind eyes.  He has the greatest ears and always welcomes an ear scratch.  5 Serenbe pony

Sweet pony-mule.  I think this is Moe but we would have to ask Ashley to be certain.  I wonder where May is?  I’ve never seen them apart, but she could be just over the hill behind Moe.  He is very curious of Pedro and me.

6 Serenbe pot bellied pig

And of course I had to stop and see Gus!  I rubbed him behind the ears and he loved every minute of it.  Have you met him yet?  Have you?

7 Serenbe pot bellied pig

“Come visit me, friends!  I’m lonely.  Come scratch my ears and I’ll reward you with fanciful pig grunts.”
8 Serenbe red headed woodpecker

I was happy to catch a quick shot of the elusive red-headed woodpecker.  A gorgeous bird. He gave me an arial show as if in celebration of spring.

9 Serenbe Black Vultures

The black vultures where gathered by the hogs, cleaning up their leftovers.  Vultures are a wonderful gift to the world, keeping decay at bay.  I love watching them and I appreciate their power of flight and their service of cleanliness.
10 Serenbe black vultures

The vulture on the fencepost is drying her wings in the sun to help bake off bacteria.  This stance is called the horaltic pose.  It reminds me of Phoenix rising.

11 Serenbe flying vultures

Vultures almost always fly in flocks and this pair put on quite a show for me… or perhaps the show was for each other.  It is mating season after all.

12 Serenbe running goose

“Come on out, Folks!  Spring is here.  There are places to go and critters to see.  Follow me!”

Happy Spring, friends!

  1. Leslie Green
    Leslie Green03-17-2013

    Oh Carla, you are so talented! How these take my breath away each and every time I visit your site!!! I have a stronger desire now than ever to come visit. Spring looks amazing — and I bet Fall is nothing to sneeze at!

    Thank you for also sharing about vultures. I, like many, have detested the creatures. Growing up out in the country, whenever I saw them circling in the distance, my stomach would sink, wondering if it was one of our cows who had died (it never was). Thanks to you, I now see they have a divine purpose. Thank you for opening my eyes.

    Love, Leslie

  2. karen

    Great pics! And what a celebration of Spring and Serenbe! And where is the goose? i want to follow the goose. :)

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