A Walkabout in Serenbe


We left the house out the back door, circled the southeast side of the small lake, and found ourselves in the stillness of the winter woods.

serenbe journal proud pedroPedro is almost invisible, his coloring so perfectly matched to the fallen leaves.

serenbe journal wildflower field with vulturesWe wandered different paths today, and circled around to the wildflower field that has been bush-hogged in preparation for spring.  Vultures soar in the blue, cloud-kissed sky.  Can you see them?

serenbe journal recycle trashWe took paths in and around the hamlets and found receptacles placed strategically throughout.  Serenbe takes sustainable living seriously.

serenbe journal squirrel sculptureWe wandered behind Selbourne hamlet and found this whimsical path marker that made me smile and wonder.

serenbe journa be still and know that i am godThe path led to one of the most peaceful spots in Serenbe.  A bench, a flowing stream over ancient rocks, in silent woods, with a reminder of who I am and how to navigate this world.

serenbe journal serenbe stablesThe path eventually led past Serenbe Stables that sits on the hill in our own hamlet called Grange.

serenbe journal speed limitComing down from the barn, we passed a sign that made me chuckle and reminds me of why we chose to live in Serenbe.  Life is slower here and more peaceful, at least for me.

serenbe journal hawk huntAs we approached the house, I saw this amazing hunter in the Serenbe Farms field.  I see the hawk on the pole from time to time, hunting or preening.  This is its territory and I am honored to have it so near.

Have you taken a Walkabout lately?  Maybe it’s high time.

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