Serenbe Treasures


I haven’t walked in almost a week.  I’ve been sick and laying low.  I’m grateful for the many windows in my house that allow for flooding sunshine and a view of  Serenbe Organic Farms. It also helps to wander through my photos imagining walks in Serenbe.  If you are feeling well and are able, get out and wander a bit, wherever you are.  There are treasures everywhere and life speaks to you; all you have to do is listen.

1 serenbe wildflower field

Before you know it, the wildflower fields will be growing again.

2 serenbe spring is coming

There is no doubt that spring is on its way.

3 serenbe jackchi photo

Pedro does a silly jig through the woods.

4 serenbe woods

Winter leaves hang on a little longer until new buds give them a final push.

5 serenbe winter woods

Winter weeds wait patiently for new growth, reminding me to wait patiently when I don’t feel as alive as I’d like.  This too shall pass.  It always does.

6 serenbe woods

Ancient tree trunks hold untold mysteries.

7 serenbe stables

Remember, beauty can be found in the mundane.

8 serenbe stables

Pedro sees something that startles him!  Front feet lift off the ground as hackles stand to attention.

9 serenbe stables

He is a fine little guard dog and handsome, too!

10 serenbe stables donkey

Frack takes one look at Pedro and charges him.  He means business.  No coyote will get in this pasture!

11 serenbe stables donkey

Stonewall is sweet, curious, and loves a good rub between his ears.

12serenbe stables hogs

Life is good, regardless of your circumstances.  It’s what you make of your circumstances that matters.  And good friends help.

13 serenbe stables hogs

“What are you looking at?  Yeah?  You want some of this?  Back off, lady!  If you want bacon you better git yourself on over to Fern’s Market.  Scram, I tell you!”

15 serenbe donkeys

Handsome fellows.  More interested in Pedro than in me.

14 serenbe gaDon’t worry, I took off my shoes before jumping, but the photo demanded the red shoes.

16 serenbe lakePeaceful Serenbe.

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