Serenbe Reflections


Karen, Pedro, and I moved to Serenbe two months ago today.  Each day, we pinch ourselves to see if we are awake or dreaming.  Either way, we can’t imagine being more thrilled than we are today… yet each day we are more thrilled.

1 Serenbe Reflections

As I walk the trails, I reflect on how grateful I am to have found the Serenbe community.

2 serenbe goats

The Serenbe Goats teach me that it’s worth the effort to get up close and personal in order to connect to each other and to life.
3 serenbe goat macro

They remind me to be curious about everything and everyone.

4 serenbe goats babies

And that it’s the little things that count.

5 serenbe goats baby goats photography

Life is precious and tender.

6 serenbe goats horns

It’s good to take time each day to stretch the body and mind.

7 serenbe pigs in a blanket

Three pigs in a blanket remind me of the importance of friends and rest, and that sometimes life is just downright messy and that’s OK.

8 serenbe sheep petting farm

And being watchful and awake is the best way to navigate this world.

9 serenbe lawn mower

I’m also reminded that good, honest work that suits you makes a heart happy and fulfilled.

10 serenbe friends

And taking time to stop by the house of a new friend warms the heart.  Thank you for your hospitality, Bess and Joe.

Thank you, Serenbe, for your warm welcome.

  1. Judy Henderson
    Judy Henderson01-31-2013

    Wonderful pictures and Bess and Joe are precious folks!!

    • Carla Royal
      Carla Royal01-31-2013

      Thank you, Judy! I look forward to getting to know you and learn more about Community Brickworks.

  2. Cara

    Have you considered writing a children’s book with all your wonderful photographs? It would be geared toward children, but every adult who’d read it would love that their child is learning such wisdom, and, they, too as parents would get to marvel in its brilliance and smile.

    Of course I believe it should be English/Spanish bilingual….so my students and I could read it together.

    Your photos are amazing.

    • Carla Royal
      Carla Royal01-31-2013

      That sounds like fun, Cara!

  3. Bess Heiberger
    Bess Heiberger02-01-2013

    Thanks for including a shot of our birdbath! We brought it from our home of 25 years in Columbus Ohio and love seeing it as part of your blog.

    Stop by anytime. One of the best things about Serenbe is having a community that can stop by–no appointment needed!

    • Carla Royal
      Carla Royal02-01-2013

      Thank you, Bess!

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