A Hidden Treasure


Holy Moses!  Serenbe has a pot belly pig!  I’ve probably passed by Gus four times and had no idea he was there; he is so quiet (until he lies down and goes to sleep!).

1 serenbe ga pot bellied pig

Gus reminds me to look and listen closely; just when I’m sure I’ve seen and heard it all, there is always more.

2 serenbe ga pot bellied pig

He is checking me out and will get up any moment to get a closer look.

3 serenbe ga pot bellied pig

He is very curious, in a quiet sort of way.  I could learn a thing or two from him.

4 serenbe ga pot bellied pig

I’ve visited him a couple of times now and he always comes straight to me.

5 serenbe ga pig ear

He loves to have the back of his ears scratched and it’s one of the few soft spots on his wiry body, but I know his heart is soft, too.

6 serenbe ga pig snout

Holy snot ‘n stuff!  That snout is meant for rummaging.

7 serenbe ga pot bellied pig

He is a sweetheart and hopes you’ll visit him soon.

  1. Karyn

    You totally forgot the frames on this post. ;) I didn’t realize she’d be so big. I can’t wait to visit you down there. I think I’ll have to plan a drive south to see all my friends and visit for a bit. Just Will and I.

    • Carla Royal
      Carla Royal02-06-2013

      And you, my dear, are a smart aleck! I love you anyway. You and Will, and Bill, are welcome anytime. Scootie McBee, too!

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