New Kid on the Block?


I’ve never seen this blue-eyed beauty.  She is stunning.  Perhaps she’s been in another pasture, or maybe she’s the new kid on the block.  Either way, I am delighted to meet her.

serenbe stables horse

I am taken with her mystical, otherworldly eyes.  I want to photograph her but the light is not in my favor.  She slowly moves toward me and I capture only a glimmer of her beauty.  She comes to me, allowing me to stroke her white face and wonder at her chocolate-encircled, light-blue eyes.

serenbe ga farm animals

She looks peaceful here and seems to fit right in with the other Serenbe critters.

serenbe stables horse and hogWait a minute… Did that hog just give her some lip?

serenbe ga barn animalsI think I just heard that hog talk some smack!

serenbe ga horse and hogMaybe they’re just getting better acquainted.

serenbe horse play

Hold your horses!  He did talk smack!

serenbe ga horses hogs

“You better run, you muddy little hogwash!”serenbe hog and horse play

“Nobody talks smack to me!”serenbe ga horse and hog frolick

“Go on and git!”serenbe ga animals

And he got.  And I laughed.

serenbe ga donkey stonewallStonewall never skipped a beat… calm as always.

This is life in Serenbe.  Or as the saying goes, “The best reason to live here is the life here.”

And if you don’t live here, then create magic wherever you are.  Yes, you can create magic.

  1. Cara Good
    Cara Good01-26-2013

    This made me laugh… How wonderful that you were able to capture this moment. Wonderful expressions! I needed this. Thanks dear Carla.

    • Carla Royal
      Carla Royal01-26-2013

      Yes, Dear Cara, I reckon you did need it. Sending you love and prayers.

  2. Leslie Green
    Leslie Green01-27-2013

    Oh, how beautifully funny. And just plain beautiful. I love the way she’s almost smiling at the camera in the first shot! A little flirty girl! And what a great way to tell a picture-story. Brilliant. This, coupled with my cuppa tea, have made for a glorious part of my day! Thank you for sharing! I will share as well! Love, Leslie

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