Baby Lambs First Steps



Only 4 miles from Serenbe is a sheep farm called Manyfold Farm, owned by my Serenbe neighbors Ross and Rebecca.  And on that farm are baby lambs, Eei Eei Oh.  With a baby lamb here and a baby lamb there, here a lamb, there a lamb, everywhere a baby lamb.  Watch these twin babies take their first steps.  Watch full screen, with volume, and repeatedly for best viewing experience.  :)

I can’t get enough.  Such precious babies.

  1. Pic

    pretty durn cute!

  2. naomi

    How refreshing for a once country girl, now in a big city to get a peek back into such a peaceful and beautiful setting. The lambs are indeed precious, and the backward walking, many attempts to get up and move forward, remind me of our journey as people, and we have only 2 legs to balance on. Thanks. Also, the song was beautiful.

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