A Study in Lizards


Precisely the least, the softest, lightest, a lizard’s rustling, a breath, a flash, a moment – a little makes the way of the best happiness.  ~Friedrich Nietzsche

1-serenbe-green anole-lizard-carla royal

Lizards are everywhere here in Serenbe.  I see them on days I pay attention.  They scurry and nap.  They pose and ponder.  They watch me as much as I watch them, or so it seems.  I’ve loved lizards since I was a child.  Though I no longer collect them, I continue to enjoy them.

2-serenbe-green anole-lizard-carla royal

This is a Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis), the most common lizard in Georgia.  Those of you who are pestered by bugs can appreciate that lizards eat spiders and insects.  You want these critters around.

3-serenbe-green anole-lizard-carla royal

If you pause for even a moment, you will notice that beauty is underfoot.  Always, and sometimes in the most unlikely places.

4-serenbe-green anole-lizard-carla royal

Take a moment  to get in close and see what is often taken for granted.

6-serenbe-green anole-lizard-carla royal

These creatures are remarkable and fun to watch.

7-serenbe-green anole-lizard-carla royal

Look at those toes grasping the flower!  And the bend of the elbow.

8-serenbe-green anole-lizard-carla royal

I am fascinated by lizard toes.

9-serenbe-green anole-lizard-carla royal

This must be a baby because it is only about 2 inches long, or less.

10-serenbe-green anole-lizard-carla royal

Female anoles can lay single eggs every two weeks between March and October.  No wonder I see them everywhere.

11-serenbe-green anole-lizard-carla royal

They are masters of climbing and often live in trees.

12-serenbe-green anole-lizard-carla royal

They can change their color from bright green to dark brown but they are not related to chameleons.  I’ve read that their color varies depending on their mood, temperature, humidity and health.

13-serenbe-green anole-lizard-carla royal

What a beauty!  Right here on my porch in Serenbe.  But lizards are almost everywhere!  I’ve read that there are almost 3,800 species worldwide. Over 110 kinds can be found in the United States.

14-serenbe-green anole-lizard-carla royal

The detail of color, texture, and pattern amazes me.

15-serenbe-green anole-lizard-carla royal

And those toes!  Well, you already know how I feel about lizard toes.

16-serenbe-green anole-lizard-carla royalWon’t you pause to take in the spectacular that is underfoot in this very moment? You just might be surprised by what you discover.

  1. Cindy

    Three things… FOUR, I just thought of a fourth:
    1. Green Aoles are amazing! Lisa and I used to sit and watch the ones that got into our back screened porch as they hunted and ate flies (it would take them 30 mins or more to slowly stalk the fly – incredible to watch). Then we got cats. Then we found one mauled lizard, thus no longer see them on the back porch =(
    2. Have you seen then do the mating dance – where they throw out the bright orange neck pouch/fan?!
    3. Have you seen the 5 Lined Skink? Super amazing….. but much more stealthy.
    4. I need to purchase whatever camera you are using. The up close photos are incredible. Well DONE!

    • Carla Royal
      Carla Royal08-27-2013

      Aww, thanks, Cindy! I’ve long loved lizards. Sounds like you have, too. Yup, as much as I love cats, and I do, they are rough on the birds and little critters. I have seen the mating dance and the territorial fights. Yikes! Oh yes, I have seen the 5 Lined Skink. So cool with that blue tail but also a little creepy. I shoot with a Canon 60d and the lens I used for these shots is a100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM. Sweet. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Judy Henderson
    Judy Henderson08-27-2013

    I am a lizard lover too. I consider the show of the males with the bright red/orange neck pouch a delight. I especially love your close up shots of their scales.

    • Carla Royal
      Carla Royal08-27-2013

      Aren’t they fabulous, Judy! The close up shots are my favorite, too. It’s fascinating to see what we don’t notice upon first glance. I’m glad you enjoy the photos. :)

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